Funeral Parlor

Every life deserves a fitting tribute. This provides family members and friends with closure after the loss of their loved one. We will provide arrangement and advice on every aspect of a funeral parlor including decorations, floral arrangements, memorial reception and professional staff according to your religious beliefs and tradition. Let us know your wishes when it comes to customizing a suitable and elaborate funeral parlor to honor your loved one.

Obituary Service

An obituary tells the story of a deceased person’s life. Far more than just a “good-bye” to the deceased, an obituary acknowledges the person’s passing, their life accomplishments, and the people. Rest assured that we’ll provide a respectful funeral or memorial service. We will work with you from start to finish creating your personal memory of your loved one.

Exhumation Services

Exhumation is the removal of human remains from the place where they were buried, regardless whether they are complete or cremated remains. This is followed by transferring and burying the remains in a new grave, cremation or repatriation to the deceased’s native country.

Comfort Casket uses utmost care and careful planning to ensure that exhumation work is carried out in an efficient, safe and cost-effective manner while maintaining the dignity and respect at all times of the remains.

Professional Embalmers

We have skilled, dedicated and caring professionals who see this process as a way to treat the deceased and their families with dignity and respect. Should family members wish a viewing, embalming will be used to prevent deterioration during the period before the funeral. This will also help in improving the condition of the body while restoring a natural appearance. It is advisable to do so if the family wish to allow the viewing of the deceasing during a funeral wake (open casket), memorial service, or if the body of the deceased is to be sent out of Singapore.

International Repatriation

We offer expert and complete worldwide repatriation service for the deceased. You can see to your loved one’s final wishes by restoring them to their native land or desired location, and we will take care of everything else from embalming, providing a suitable casket for air transport, and assistance in processing of documents & administrative matters.

24 hours Doctor Certification

When a death occurs in a hospital, the doctor can certify the cause of death if it the cause is known and if the cause is natural. If the death occurs at home, we will make a house call to certify the death and issue the CCOD. Once that is done, we will transport the deceased to our premises for cleaning, embalming, dressing and funeral arrangement. If the cause of death is unnatural or we are unable to determine the cause of death, the case will be referred to the Police or Coroner.