buddhist FUNERAL package

Comfort Casket Buddhist funeral packages offers a complete dignified funeral for the deceased. From monk chanting session and Pall Bearing to vegetarian food offering and transportation.

  • 3
    3 Days
  • 5
    5 Days
  • 7
    7 Days

Half Glass Casket
Emblaming, Dressing & Make-up
Pall-Bearer Services
Collect deceased
Transport of deceased
Send deceased to void deck
Booking of cremation slot
Funeral arrangement
1 set standard Tentage Setup
Carpet flooring and curtains
2 piece side canvas
10 round tables, 15 square tables & 100 chairs
2 big fans, 4 small fans & lightings

Buddhist Monk Chanting
1 Buddhist Chanting At Encoffining & Funeral Day
3 Buddhist Chanting At Final Night
Buddhist Decoration Backdrop
Buddhist Blanket
Vegetarian Food at Fruit Offering
1 set every chanting session
1 set buddha offering
Photo Enlargement 10”x12”
Photo Flower Wreath – 11”x13”
4x Table Bouquet
1 x 44 Seated Air-con Bus