Buddhist Package


The Buddhist Funeral

For Buddhists, karma has implications beyond life on earth. It has its consequences on reincarnation and can even determine the status of a deceased in his next life. In Buddhism, death simply means a new round of rebirth. Buddhists consider death as the transition from this life to the next, bringing the deceased’s soul to the state of absolute bliss. Moreover, it is an event of major religious significance for the bereaved families. 

In accordance to Buddhist beliefs, the body is first bathed and clothed to prepare it for the funeral. Alongside giving the deceased a meaningful send-off, a Buddhist funeral also serves as a way to help the departed move on smoothly in his afterlife. 

A Buddhist funeral should be a simple, dignified and solemn expression of bereavement. In most cases, Buddhist funerals are held in a funeral home, not in a temple. The viewing often takes place one night before the funeral, which typically involves candlelights and incense. During visitation, the bereaved family sits in front of the funeral room and greets the visitors who have come to show their support. Visitors then offer their condolences to the family, bow in front of the casket to give honour and respect to the deceased. People may opt to stay for a while or leave, depending on their personal preference. Most often, visitors make a financial donation to the family of the deceased.

Conducted by a monk, the Buddhist funeral service is usually held the following day to adhere to the Buddhist funeral traditions. In most cases, Buddhists prefer to have an open casket, allowing the attendees to bid goodbye. There may also be a period of meditation during the ceremony, a traditional Buddhist custom to help the attendees reflect on the deceased’s life and honour their memory. 


Once the ceremonies are completed, the casket is taken to a burial ground, typically o9n a hillside. After the casket has been buried, the family pays their respect by turning away from the grave. Depending on the family’s belief, Buddhists may also choose cremation. To adhere to the traditional funeral custom, the family may witness the cremation process.

Our Buddhist Funeral Package

At Comfort Casket, we offer affordable Buddhist funeral packages in Singapore suitable to hold a Buddhist memorial service. We are highly knowledgeable in funeral planning, ensuring a professionally-managed memorial to properly send-off your loved ones. Equipped with funeral consultants that are solely trained for Buddhist funeral cases, we provide help to the bereaved families with the highest compassion, sincerity and professionalism. 

Comfort Casket is proud and delighted to serve Buddhist families. Our dedicated team of funeral service professionals is fully experienced and skilled in all aspects of Buddhist memorial service preparation. We specialise in providing Buddhist funeral packages in Singapore that honour Buddhist funeral traditions while also giving the families the freedom to add personal touch where it’s needed. We also offer traditional funeral and cremation services. With our air-conditioned funeral parlours, bereaved families can comfortably gather to pay their respects to their loved ones.

3 Days

5 Days

7 Days

  • – Collection of Deceased
  • – Professional Embalming & Make-up
  • – Cremation Fees & Ashes Collection Service (only applicable for Mandai)
  • Funeral Wake (void deck)
    (1 unit)
  • – Curtain & Carpet
    (1 unit)
  • – Round Table
    (10 unit)
  • – Square Table
    (15 unit)
  • – Chairs
    (100 unit)
  • – Fans
    (Standing Fan)
  • – General Lighting
    (1 lot)
  • Information Notice
  • Floral Arrangement
  • – Floral Photo Wreath
    (1 unit)
  • – Altar Table Arrangements
    (4 unit)
  • Photo Enlargement
  • – 1 Enlarge Photo with 10×12 Frame
  • – 6 Pieces of Passport Photo
  • Buddhist deco set up
  • Buddhist Blanket
  • Condolence Donation Book & Safe box
  • – Professional Service Team
  • – Buddhist Prayer Service (1-3-1)
    Encoffin – Final Night – Funeral Day
  • – Vegetarian Offering
  • Encoffin – Final Night – Funeral Day
  • – Buddha Offerings
  • Air-conditioned Bus (45 Pax)
    (1 unit)
  • Blessing Water