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A reliable funeral service provider in Singapore, Comfort Casket offers a one-stop solution for all your casket and funeral needs. With the loss of a loved one, every bereaved family deserves one thing: to be served with the utmost kindness, respect and professionalism. Comfort Casket is committed to providing quality services in times of pain and distress.

Striving to become the leading casket services provider in Singapore, Comfort Casket offers full-service memorials and exhumation. We also provide funeral packages catered to respective religious practices to give your loved ones a dignified internment they deserve.

Find out more about the services we provide, such as memorials, exhumation.
We also provide funeral packages catered torespective religious practices.


Our Taoist funeral package in Singapore is created solely with values and core beliefs of the ancient religion and philosophy. With Comfort Casket, you can send off your loved ones in accordance with the rights and rituals of your family’s dialect. Depending on your personal needs, we can conduct the funeral based on Teochew, Cantonese, Hakka, Cantonese, Hokkien procedures and practices.

Chinese funeral services often vary between different dialect groups. A Taoist funeral, for instance, can somehow differ in terms of ways and requirements. Given our extensive experience serving Taoist families, we are fully able to customise a funeral package in Singapore suitable for the needs of every Taoist family. By providing in-house funeral arrangements, we ensure quality control standards while reducing unnecessary costs all at the same time. Our comprehensive rates are made deliberately affordable giving every Singaporean family the freedom to choose a dignified funeral solution for their loved ones.


For Buddhists, karma has implications beyond life on earth. It has its consequences on reincarnation and can even determine the status of a deceased in his next life. In Buddhism, death simply means a new round of rebirth.

A Buddhist funeral should be a simple, dignified and solemn expression of bereavement. In accordance to Buddhist beliefs, the body is first bathed and clothed to prepare it for the funeral. Alongside giving the deceased a meaningful send-off, a Buddhist funeral also serves as a way to help the departed move on smoothly in his afterlife.

At Comfort Casket, we offer affordable Buddhist funeral packages in Singapore suitable to hold a Buddhist memorial service. We are highly knowledgeable in funeral planning, ensuring a professionally-managed memorial to properly send-off your loved ones. Equipped with funeral consultants that are solely trained for Buddhist funeral cases, we provide help to the bereaved families with highest compassion, sincerity and professionalism.


Christians view death as a doorway to a better place. They believe in life after death and attaining salvation through God’s grace. For Christians, death is an assurance of their destiny written on the Holy Bible.

A Christian memorial service is done in accordance with traditions and customs of the Christian belief. Often held a week after death, a Christian funeral is performed to fulfill the burial wishes of the deceased. The typical duration of a Christian memorial ceremony lasts for an hour, while others may last for days depending on the personal beliefs and traditions of the deceased and bereaved family members.

Comfort Casket has been providing affordable Christian funeral packages in Singapore. We make sure that every funeral is personalised to meet the needs and requirements of every family. We are committed to creating a meaningful funeral to help Christian families honour and celebrate the lives of their loved ones.



A free thinker is someone who thinks freely and independently without religious conformity. In Singapore, the number of free thinkers has been continuously increasing, resulting in a demand for funeral services tailored to them.

A free-thinker funeral is highly flexible and can be fully customised by the bereaved family. Thus, there are no fixed procedures to be followed for a memorial service held for free thinkers. To make the funeral service more meaningful and personal, the departed’s life can be displayed through eulogies and photographs.

Comfort Casket offers all-inclusive free thinker funeral packages in Singapore. We take effort to understand each client, allowing their last send-off for their loved ones to be as significant as possible. At Comfort Casket, we aim to serve the bereaved families with dignity and sympathy during these troubled times. We are fully capable of handling funeral arrangements for free thinkers from the start until the end of the funeral.


Caskets are the centrepiece of every funeral, a personal celebration that should represent the life of the deceased. As such, caskets are the most significant yet the most difficult purchase one should ever make. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of casket services in every price range.  

At Comfort Casket, we understand how difficult it is to grieve while having the need to plan for a dignified funeral. With that said, we make sure to go the extra mile, providing each client the comfort they need in this challenging time. With the mission of serving the bereaved families the best way possible, we provide elegantly designed caskets suitable for every budget, preference or religion in Singapore. 

Take a look at our casket services in Singapore and allow us to help you plan a meaningful funeral for your loved ones. 


Our traditional wood caskets are always a popular choice.


Choose from our modern range of intricately-designed wood caskets.


A selection of premium wood caskets crafted individually to ensure highest standards.


Losing a loved one is never easy. At Comfort Casket, we understand that even the simplest decision can be difficult to make in such trying times. Our dedicated team of funeral advisors will work with you every step of the way to ensure that every personal request and family tradition are well taken care of. With Comfort Casket, you can send-off your loved ones with utmost love, peace and comfort.

We offer comprehensive memorial services at a highly reasonable price. Whether you prefer an intimate or a more elaborate funeral service in Singapore, we have a huge selection of funeral packages tailored for every budget and need.

Funeral Parlour

Every life deserves to be honoured and celebrated. With a fitting tribute, bereaved family members and friends will be given the closure they need after the loss of a loved one. At Comfort Casket, we provide personalised funeral parlour arrangements suitable for every belief and tradition. Our funeral parlours in Singapore are equipped with a wide range of options, allowing the bereaved families to hold memorial services in a dignified setting.

Obituary Service

An obituary is designed to acknowledge the passing of a loved one, the pain of their loss and the joy that their lives once brought. It serves to announce the information of the visitation, service and burial to the departed’s community. With great pride, Comfort Casket offers premium funeral services in Singapore. We guarantee to take the time to plan and execute every wish and request to relieve the burden of the bereaved family during the time of loss.

Exhumation Services

Exhumation refers to the process of removing human remains from any burial place, regardless if they are complete or cremated. It is usually followed by transferring and burying the remains in a new or alternative grave, cremation or repatriation to the deceased’s country of origin. At Comfort Casket, we maintain the utmost respect for the dignity of the deceased by delivering the highest standards of exhumation services in Singapore.

Professional Embalmers

Embalming is the process of preserving the human body to prevent deterioration, enabling the bereaved family and friends to view the deceased during a funeral wake. This process involves replacing the deceased’s blood with embalming fluid to firm up and smooth out the skin. Embalming improves the condition of the body while restoring its natural appearance. At Comfort Casket, we offer professional embalming along with our wide range of memorial services in Singapore.

International Repatriation

Repatriation involves the act of relocating the body or ashes of the deceased from a foreign country to its land of origin. Often, repatriation is accompanied by the will of the deceased or the request of the bereaved family. At Comfort Casket, we offer expert and complete and worldwide repatriation services and funeral services in Singapore. From embalming, choosing a suitable casket for air transport to providing assistance in administrative matters, we guarantee to give you a hassle-free repatriation process.

24 Hours Doctor Cert.

To have a death registered, a Certificate of the Cause of Death (CCOD) has to be obtained. Depending on where the death has occurred, the process of how this is done may differ. If the death occurs at home, Comfort Casket can help assist in certifying the death and in the issuance of the CCOD. This is followed by transporting the deceased for cleaning, embalming, dressing and the preparation of funeral arrangements.


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Ricky and his team were very committed and helpful and they made sure that the traditional ceremonies went smoothly.
Ricky, it is a very good service to have your team on my Grandmother Funeral Thank you very much
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Thank You, Ricky & his team be to doing an extra mile behalf of my family will like to thank you



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